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Paradiso, Weteringschans 6-8, 1017 SG Amsterdam ‎

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DIABLO ~ Defuse/Cosmic Disco Records, VIP Club, Wooferland
GINO LIGHTNER ~ Paradiso, Subtopia, Ruigoord, Wooferland
JURIAAN ~ Zwets, Switch, Mazzo, VIP Club, Paradiso
G.A.B.Y. ~ Je Maaten Draaien, Chicken Skin
BRENT SPAR ~ WGF, Monday Classics, Mute, Pand 14
REMKO DE VOS ~ Winter Wooferland, Dancemania
GARY THE APPRENTICE ~ Tribal Waves, GTA Digital
+ MC MARXMAN ~ Dance Valley, HQ, Paradiso, Monumental

On June 14 1964, the infamous bus trip began. With a destination board that said “Furthur”, & a license plate that read “MAZ”, (really!!), and author Ken Kesey, (One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest), navigating, “We hoped we could stop the coming end of the world.” Seeking out ‘the cool place’, their slogan became “You’re Either On Or Off The Bus.” Returning to California, the Merry Pranksters organizied the “Acid Tests”, experimenting with sound, lights, projections, and acid-rock music; as chronicled in “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test”. In ’96~ (a decade, according to Kesey, that was just the 60’s turned upside-down), ~adopting the theme of the Pranksters’ travels, the plot of their parties, and a little cuckoo’s nest for character,~~The Bus Party Organization was born!

The Bus is supported by ~ DiGiBEATS, AIRPLAIN VISUALS, WijGevenFeestjes, Condo Techno, Ameba Art, Mustard Radio, Ruben Langedijk, Minnie, Roelof, Arwen, Marceline, The Beautiful People, World Peace 2021 ~Performance by Lightgarden

Bus Schedule: 11:30pm G.A.B.Y. // 12:45am Brent Spar b2b Remko de Vos // 2am Gino Lightner // 3am Diablo b2b Juriaan // 4:15am Gary The Apprentice

10, incl. A’dam Beat Club (grote zaal), Alec Smart (kelder)

GINO LIGHTNER is one of the innovators of the Dutch house scene; working closely with Abraxas & Flamman in Holland’s 1st exclusively house music venue ‘Subtopia’, became heroes of the underground/afterhour scene. Gino became a regular with Paradiso VIP Club, Multigroove, Dance Valley, Mysteryland, Pacha A’dam, Planet E Basel, as well as The Bus. Currently working closely with several producers including Diablo’s Defuse & Cosmic Disco record labels, & Foremost Poet Dj Johnny Dangerous underground producer fr Philly,. as well as promoters Funk Box , Soulgasm, Nosi Records, & Wobble Music NYC, has also just started new tracks with Dj Onchet o33-Recordingz. New mixes coming soon incl fresh promos on Cosmic Disco, solo projects & collaborations with new & seasoned producers.

GARY THE APPRENTICE started mixing 2004 age 16, ’06 played his 1st gig, the same yr began producing music whilst studying sound prod. Gary has honed his own unique style of techno heavily influenced by older styles of the genre incl jackin’, industrial & hardcore. Gary set up his own label GTA Digital in ’13 to share techno free of charge w/ an option to make a donation. Gary plays all kinds of techno but has become best known for his signature straight-up banging sets. Gary has played across the UK incl Mischief festival in W Sussex ’12, along Jerome Hill and The Producer. He has also played Twisted & Brainfire Glasgow, JakN & Cause It Edinburgh & w/ The Bus in Amsterdam.

THE BUS Party Organization was started in ’96 to bring English dj John OO Fleming to Amsterdam. Borrowing the name from the philosophy of 1960’s Merry Pranksters, The Bus got running Sat 2 March 1996 at Amsterdam’s Catacomben with Fleming. Sat 20 Apr ’96 Dave Randall made his Amsterdam debut on The Bus. Fri 9 Aug ’96, The Bus made their Paradiso VIP Club debut with Dave. The Bus’ 1-yr anniversary was celebrated at Paradiso with John Fleming. In total 14+ Paradiso parties including international djs Billy Nasty, Fabio Paras, Steve Thomas, Devilfish & local heros JP, Angelo, Paul Jay, Cellie, Gino, Misja, The Bus is also responsible for memorable parties at Church of Ruigoord, Mazzo, various squats, & has travelled to Denmark with Het Amsterdam Ballongezelschap to organize parties.
When Ken “Chief Prankster” Kesey passed on, The Bus took a back seat in party world. After an overhaul, The Bus is back. With twice-monthly parties at Frisco Inn, plus parties at Cue Bar as well as Paradiso & Pand 14, The Bus is in talks with some of Holland’s biggest organizers. What to expect on a Bus party?~~Excellent music (techno/acid/house), handmade decoration, a fun warm friendly atmosphere, & an opportunity for new artists to work with established. Are You On The Bus?
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The Bus Party Organization
52 mins
~Yet another magical mystical mystery Trip with The Bus! Thank You Paradiso!!!! “The Temple of (acid) House”! Djs> Thanks for the fantastically great music! ..(may I make particular mention to the Diablo remix of Rubzman’s Bus theme track!) Thanx Marxman for the super ‘samenwerken’! Thank you to our Bus crew, our Bus djs that help out tho’ not playing, the Bus djs who come to party with us, our friends (who are our family), (our family of friends), (–our friendly family!) And most of all, thank you to Ken Kesey & The Merry Pranksters for constant inspiration!!!